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I love my son, but I'm finding that at about 8pm I am unable to cope anymore with taking care of him by myself.  It's selfish and silly because while he's not really that hard to take care of I simply can not deal with changing him one more time or doing one more round of trying to get a very hot and uncomfortable baby down to sleep.

I can't imagine how hard it must be for single Moms.  I can at least give Charlie to Simon for about 4 hours and get some sleep.  When I come back down I'm up to taking care of him again.  Even with that I still feel a little guilty at times that I get tired, but it's only natural isn't it?  You can't be on 24/7, and the fact that I'm tired and don't want to deal for 4 hours for every 20 makes me human rather then a bad Mom.  Still, I feel a little guilty.

But then I usually do.
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My baby apparently got a little too excited about being at the park yesterday. I ended up sitting downstairs at 2am with Simon and are very awake baby.

This was doubly difficult because it was the first time I'd had a fibro flare since I gave birth. This was not a good situation. Simon and I were both exhausted (I'd been sleeping but hadn't slept well so was still tired) and I was in pain everywhere, and Charlie would not settle down to sleep.

He wasn't screaming or anything, he was just awake. I breastfed him, and then burped him, handed him to his dad for bottle feeding and he would. not. settle.

We discussed what to do (by that I mean, who got to get some sleep) and I finally said "Give him to me, I'll try to settle him one last time"

I held my son to my chest and sang him songs, after two he was quite sleepy against me with a blanket draped across his back. So I had Simon put on a CD we have of kids songs, Anne Murray's Hippo in the Bathtub (which was my favorite tape as a kid), and played the last two tracks which were lullaby tracks. I sang along with them as I knew every word and ended up with a very asleep baby who I was able to put down in his car seat and have him STAY ASLEEP!

I managed to get my baby to SLEEP. This way both Simon and I got some sleep. I went up to bed and Simon stayed downstairs with the baby but he managed to sleep on the couch and we both got 4 hours sleep. Now, we supposed to wake him up for feeding every 3 hours in the day and 4 at night. While yesterday afternoon/evening he was feeding almost continually so we didn't worry about that and because of that I'm letting him sleep up to 5 hours in this go. Maybe that's wrong but seriously, he was awake and feeding on and off (no more than an hour apart) from about 3:30pm to 3:45am. Again he wasn't screaming during that time unless we were changing him. He was just awake. Besides which he's slowly waking up on his own now. I can see him stretching and hear him grunting at the moment. He's not awake yet but it won't be long before he is. Might as well let him get up naturally.

But anyway...I got my baby to sleep! YAY!


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