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posted by [personal profile] babblebeth at 12:26pm on 06/06/2009 under , ,
I've given it a month, and I'll probably do it on and off until Charlie gets into a schedule of regular feeds (he's getting there).  But I'm not going to keep breastfeeding.  Physically I could probably keep mix feeding. Mentally and emotionally I can't keep doing it, it's wearing me down.

One thing I'm going to address though is this:

I am not a bad mom or a liar because I am not making enough milk for my baby.

All the literature about low milk supply is designed to make you feel guilty.  They talk about the "myth" of low milk supply.  They say that if a mother claims to have low milk she's just not putting the baby to the breast enough, the baby isn't latching on properly, it's because she gave the baby a bottle or a dummy within the first week/month and that's why she's not making enough milk...she isn't trying hard enough!

This is complete rubbish. I've had midwives watch me trying to feed my baby for 3 hours, I've had them tell me he's latching on perfectly, they recommended giving him a bottle because he was losing too much weight, and I didn't give him a dummy until it was already clear my milk was not coming in.

I am sick of looking around for support (because hey it's demoralizing not being able to make enough for your baby) and finding only blame.

Screw them.

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posted by [personal profile] becky_h at 08:00am on 07/06/2009
The thing that none of that literature takes into account, I think, is that while a really experienced mom might be comfortable letting the babies weight drop so long as he wasn't dehydrated, or know to expect to keep the baby on the boob around the clock, pretty much 24/7 until the supply gets established ---

1.) Letting hte baby's weight drop is fucking scay, and yeah they'll catch up but medical professionals tend to get antsy and parents tend to not like leaving their baby hungry, thanks.

2.) "Get off me" is part of parenting too. T hee's only so much of having the thing attached to you that most people can take, ESPECIALLY w hen the baby is fussy and crying because supply hasn't upped to meet demand yet.

Then there's the fact that those experiences keep reoccuring over and over with every growth spurt (literally constant nursing and a fussy baby meanwhile) and just the reality that SOME PEOPLE"s supply just does not catch up. Add to that the fact that you can see and know what a baby with a bottle is drinking, it's faster, other people can do it and it can save your sanity, and --

Well yeah, screw them.

I breastfed James for 3 weeks. I did not like it. My supply was crap, his latch was technically good but he was a lazy, slow sucker, and frankly I just needed some me space back. Add to that problems with bleeding (like you had) and I just didn't want to. So, I didn't.

With Gabe we had serious money problems so nursing was kind of a necessity, so we got through it and it did get better but my god it's hardly the hallmark of a successful parenting relationship or proof that he's going to be healthier, happier and smarter.

I mean lets face it. My breastfed kid is autistic, asthmatic, has ADD, and gets pneumonia twice a year. My formula fed kid's healthy and happy and a straight A student.

So, you know.


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